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Glockenspiel With Resonator - 3 Oit | Percustudio -  Where your heart beats 0
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Glockenspiel With Resonator - 3 Oit

Referência: GRERP
€ 4 710.00
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GRERP - Radio France. Bergerault is the proud creator of the finest professional quality orchestra bells/glockenspiels featuring a foot-pedal damper like this GRERP Radio France glockenspiel. The use of hard, carbonized chrome steel provides a keyboard instrument of great strength and character and a unique bell chime timbre. It is no wonder leading international symphony orchestras have chosen Bergerault glockenspiels for their ensembles.
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GRERP - Radio France. Foot pedal dumper system. Carbonized chrome steel keyboard without reflet. Folding leg under the chassis. Adjustable height. Bars: Carbonized Chrome Steel. Size: 40 mm to 10 mm. 3 octave F5 to E8. Standard tuning: A = 442 Hz. Length: 1220 mm. Width: 570 - 250 mm. Adjustable Height: 820 to 970 mm.
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