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Symphonic Tímpano 29” Cobre | Percustudio -  Where your heart beats 0
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Symphonic Tímpano 29” Cobre

Referência: 2PASYIIKG29
Marca: ADAMS
€ 4 720.00
IVA incluído
Symphonic Timpani: Adams Symphonic timpani has proved its merits in the world of orchestras, conservatorium, bands and schools. Improving upon the existing Symphonic model, the Symphonic 2 timpani suits the stringent requirements on sound and durability nowadays. The Symphonic 2 bowl is suspended from a new chrome plated steel ring, and is supported by extra strong struts. These changes help maximize the pitch focus, and sustain from any of the four bowl types. New double-wheel locking casters and wider stance base legs, provide more stability and manoeuvrability than previously available. The solid construction prevents any problems during transport. The kettle is made from a single sheet of red copper pressed by deep drawn methods. This has the great advantage of maintaining the same thickness throughout the kettle which is extremely important for a good sound. Symphonic 2 timpani are offered in five bowl diameters, 20”-23”-26”-29”-32” and come with tuning gauges, covers, mutes, tuning keys, and Remo Renaissance heads. Special features: European style block pedal system. The Symphonic 2 Series pedal mechanism is based upon the European style block system, also known as a clutch and post system. New suspension ring: better sound. The Symphonic 2 bowl is suspended from a single flange chrome plated steel ring supported by strong struts for maximum sustain and projection. New wheels: glide with fingertip effort. New large commercial grade double-locking, double-wheel swivel casters and stylish base legs with a wider stance, offer the drum more stable support while being played, and safer manoeuvrability. Fine Tuner: The Fine Tuner mechanism on all Symphonic Series Timpani is conveniently located to the players side and offers an extremely fluid.
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Symphonic Tímpano 29” Cobre
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